A Dream Come True

Last week, I shared that I was going to a Britt Nicole concert this past Sunday with my sister and best friend... I don't want to ruin all that I'm about to share but I need to say... It was the most amazing concert I have ever been to. SHE is amazing!

My sister actually attends college in the town that the concert was being held, so it was the perfect opportunity to go see my biggest role model in person. {Thank you so much for telling me, Megan, and for making it happen! You have no idea how much you mean to me, big sis!}

We got there a little late {about 6:35} and the show started at 7. We were planning on purchasing our tickets there, and it never, ever crossed our minds that they would be sold out... But, when we arrived, they most certainly were. I was just about in tears when a woman told me to go inside and put my name on the waiting list for extra tickets. {That lady has NO idea what a blessing she is!} I went inside to do so and within 20 minutes... We had seats. Front row seats. God is clearly written ALL over this ENTIRE situation!

We got into the auditorium about half and hour before Britt came on. It was perfect timing and the three of us were excited as all heck! To sum it up, the entire concert was more of a worship service than anything... It. Was. AMAZING.

{Sorry for picture quality in advance... I forgot my camera, so used my phone!}

She is absolutely gorgeous and truly has a heart of gold. If y'all ever get the chance to see her in concert... GO. Her story is so stinkin' inspiring and what God is doing through her is beyond incredible.

After the show, my sister and I stopped to snap a picture with the opening act, Manic Drive... Who were also extremely talented and blessed everyone with their testimonies!

Britt announced that after the concert, she would be signing autographs and hanging out with her "friends." {Not once did she refer to us as "fans." So cool!} I had her sign a cross keychain that I always carry with me, which was exiciting! But, she didn't stop blessing me there. I asked her to pray with me because of the impact her music has had on my life and of course because prayer is power. Always. She asked me to come sit by her and took a good 5 minutes to pray her heart out for me right then and there.

THIS is what a role model, inspiration, and woman of God looks like. She literally has a heart of gold. The entire night was a dream come true for me. 



Oh WOW!!!! What an AMAZING experience for you!!!! God definitely had a hand in that!! :)


oh my, kenz! what a blessing! so happy to see and hear this!! the Lord is good all the time and i am so so happy that he spoke to you in such amazing ways that evening! :) love it!


Reading this now just got me all excited again! Can't wait till we get to see her again!! :)


Sounds like a wonderful evening.


This is beyond words, Kenzie. I'm so excited you got to meet Britt Nicole! She seems like a absolute sweetheart.


Hello, I am the mom of a teen with Psoriatic Arthritis. I stumbled upon your blog via twitter. Anyway, I saw this post about Britt and had to comment. We have had the joy of seeing her in concert a few times. I took my daughter to Revolve a couple years ago and thanks to my cousin we were able to score some back stage passes and meet Britt as well. She also came to a local church and played....it was so awesome to see her in such a small venue. She happens to be a personal friend of my cousins. She is an amazing artist and an even greater role model to teens!! You may have heard of my cousin if you are into Christian Fiction, her name is Karen Kingsbury. Anyway, love your blog...hope you don't mind a 40 something mom reading it :)I have a blog too but am looking to upgrade it to a nicer one! Stop by and say hi! www.alexarthritis.blogspot.com