Stitch Fix Review Numero Tres

Back when I was a good little blogger, I used to post Stitch Fix reviews and #WhatKenzWore posts much more frequently. I got an e-mail last week from a reader who said she really missed that and I then realized I miss it, too! So I scheduled a fix and vowed to get my review up within a week. :) Even though I'm a broke college student now, I remembered that I had some credits on my account...what girl doesn't love getting new clothes for spring?! Hello, perfect timing!

I didn't understand how the whole thing worked at first, but once I started getting fixes regularly I felt like a pro! Basically, you sign up, fill out your style profile, and schedule your first fix for a flat rate of $20. Your stylist picks out things she thinks you'd totally ROCK and it arrives at your doorstep on the date of your choosing. From there, you try everything on and decide what you'd like to keep. You login to your account, choose the things you wish to purchase, and send the rest of the items back in the prepaid shipping envelope they send along. The best part? The $20 flat rate you originally paid can be put towards whatever item(s) you decide to purchase!

1.) Virginia V-Neck Top: I love polka dots and I'm pretty sure all that stylists I've had at Stitch Fix know this. ;) I was super drawn to this top and excited to try it on, but I didn't end up liking the fit at all. It was strangely ruffled in the front and didn't lay on my shoulders comfortably. I wish it had fit me better because I loved the outfits they put together on my little inspiration card! Verdict: SENT BACK!

2.) Tucker Split Back Top: Pictures of this top simply do not do it justice. The color combination is perfection for my spring/summer wardrobe. It has a higher neckline which I LOVE because then it's the perfect piece to pair with a statement necklace! The fit is flowy without being too much and it's sleeveless! I love pairing my sleeveless tops with cardigans in the spring/fall -- I know I will get my use out of this one and it was in my price range. :) Verdict: KEEPING FOR SURE!

3.) Assymetrical Zip Cardigan: Ah, I almost loved this sweater more than life itself. I have been dying to get one of these asymmetrical zip cardigans for a long time and I was so happy when it showed up in my fix! So comfy. So cozy. So versatile. The only issue was the price tag. Though I know I would get my use out of it, $68 isn't in my budget for clothing purchases at the moment and I found the same one on Modcloth for $54. ;) If anyone knows where I can get one even cheaper, let a girl know! This is a piece I definitely want to add to my closet. Until we meet again, pretty little cardi... Verdict: SENT BACK!

4.) Justice Detail Blouse: There are no pictures of me wearing this delicate little beauty because it did not make it on my body. The sleeves were TINY and I could not even get it over my shoulders. YIKES. Major strike out with this one, but I wish it had been my size. I am not an XS, that's for sure! ;) Verdict: SENT BACK!

The fifth item in my fix was a bracelet that I forgot to snap a photo of. It was pretty, but I'm not one to pay $30 for any piece of jewelry! I'd much rather shop the Target clearance or hit up Forever 21 if you know what I mean! 

Have you gotten a fix lately? 

If you decide to sign up, click right here! Help a girl out and get her a credit for referrals! Pretty please with a cherry on top... :)



I love the top that you kept, how have you been? How was Jamaica??


That's really nice to know that the flat rate can be put toward the clothing you want to buy...kind of like an incentive program so you ACTUALLY purchase something...and that was what was keeping me back mostly---I didn't want to pay $20 for S&H to try something on, then pay additional money to actually purchase it...now that I know it can be used towards the clothes, maybe when my budget is a little more flexible, I'll try one!


You are so cute! I LOVE the top that you kept!