Goals vs Expectations

Ever since I started working out {voluntarily} about 6 weeks ago, I've seen a lot of changes in my body.

I've noticed an increase in my pace, my endurance amazes me, and overall I just feel so much stronger. I'm finally running because I LOVE IT again and I just can't thank Jesus enough for giving me my passion back.

As far as pain goes, I know my arthritis friends want to know... YES, running tends to make it worse. Some days I can't even look at those weights without cringing. I guess it has ultimately come down to the fact that I know exercising will keep me mobile. I also know that with it will come added pain and sometimes I will want to quit because of it... But in order to keep moving forward I have to combat that pain, the negative thoughts, and just keep running. EVERYONE has challenges on their journey to get fit... Yes, mine is a little abnormal for a teen to be dealing with... But nonetheless, God has entrusted this journey to me because He knows I'm strong enough to walk run it.

Two weeks ago, I finally reached the 3 mile mark. It was a huge moment for me because I never, ever thought I'd RUN a 5k again. I'll admit, that run was a little rocky. I hit mile 2 and I wanted to be donezo, but I kept pushing through that last mile and it was so worth it. For some reason, I was super crampy that day... It sucked, but it sucked worse when I finally stopped. Obviously glad I didn't stop before I reached my goal because it wouldn't have been worth it.

Headband // Bondi Band
Tank // Simply Sophia Marie

A few days following that awesome run, I really didn't want to go to the gym because I didn't feel like going 3 and 1/2 miles... Or even 3. I just didn't feel like "owning up
 to what I'd already accomplished. I made myself get there, though, and decided to tone it down a go for a 2 miler. I didn't want those expectations of ALWAYS having to compete with myself. I ended up running my fastest mile that day and was over the moon!

During that run, I realized that in order to keep growing and improving, I need to let go of the expectation to ALWAYS do more, more, more and focus on my goal to ALWAYS do better, better, better. Quality not quantity... And just because I run 3 miles one day, doesn't mean I have to do it the next as long as I'm doing SOMETHING. As long as I'm trying.

This past Friday, I took my frustration from the week out on that treadmill and without hardly even knowing it... I went 4 miles! That run was a complete cake walk until I reached mile 3. Obviously, there was a lot of motivation coming from my frustration, but my body really proved itself that night. It proved to me that even though there isn't always improvements I can see with my eyes, there's a lot going on underneath and progress is being made.

Saturday night, I didn't have a single problem telling myself I was headed to the gym. I didn't have those feelings of "measuring up" to my run the previous evening and not once did I think my progress was anything less because I only decided to run 1 1/2 miles. My pace was still one of my best and I still felt that burn.

I still made progress.

Headband // Bondi Band
Tank // Ruffles With Love
I've learned in a very short two weeks that being proud of the both the little leaps and the huge bounds is where I'm going to find not only happiness, but strength in my body. 

Measuring up is not the same as improving. So very glad my focus has shifted to my GOALS early in the race. :-) It can only go up from here.



You GO girl!! I love this post :)


You are the true meaning of the word inspiration!! SO proud of you!


Hooray!!! You inspire me!!!! I'm trying to be better about working out and I think I'm up to two or three days a week, which is good considering my crazy schedule! Hopefully with the semester ending next week, I'll have more time to work out and get back in shape!


You go girl!!!!!!!!!!! So stinkin proud of you!!!! XOXOXOXO


I am SO proud of you girl!! You are an encouragement to many, including myself! And you are so right, we have to let go of those expectations that we are always going to beat our personal best. Some runs are just about getting out there and DOING IT. Regardless of the pace or how far you go, it's just about the dedication to keep it up.

You are wonderful, and I love you and your strong, determined heart :)


Great job Kenz! I am so proud of you!


Go, girl, go! :)


Woohoo! So proud of you!