My Best Friend Rocks My Face Off

It's Tuesday. Tuesday and I didn't have class yesterday. It's gonna be a good week.

Especially since YOU'RE joining us for...

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This week, my cuteness comes in the form of a best friend. I spent most of the weekend with my bestie... The GORGEOUS Amy... And y'all can't even tell me she isn't absolutely adorable. 


We got our caffeine fix late Friday night after I got done with work. We also met up with a small group leader of ours and had the BEST night laughing and catching up. Girl time rocks my world.

We totally had a sleepover that night. We spent Saturday in our PJ's until around noon when we decided to go for a run... After our run, we actually got dressed properly and met up with two of our other girlfriends for a coffee date + dinner.

And other craziness that shall not be named, otherwise I'm going to spit my morning coffee all over this keyboard because I'm laughing so incredibly hard.

We spent Easter apart (SAD FACE)... But yesterday, we hit the gym together before studying hard for school.

She went 10 miles on the bike. 10 MILES.

She freaking rocks my face off.

And then we went home and ate the ice cream we just burned off...

Our adorable NEW Bondi Bands! Google em!
I kinda love spending every second possible with her. She's a keeper of-a-best-friend if I ever did see one. :)



10 miles?!?! Oh my gosh!! She's amazing!! Love bondi bands! I have two and am dying for more!!


I'm going to have to try the bondi bands on my girls - I'm always looking for something that can effectively hold their hair back during gymnastics.

Besties are the BEST!


You and Amy are adorable!! xoxo


Love you Kenz!! I had the best weekend with you and so blessed to call you my bestie!! <3


Wowza! 10 miles?! Tough cookie! Glad y'all have such a sweet friendship.


Love eating ice cream right after the gym! Makes all that hard work worth it! :)


I'm your newest follower!! Love the blog hop and so happy to be involved! I'm following you on GFC and Bloglovin! Follow me back at www.unpredictableandchic22.blogspot.com


Aww, sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Love girl time and best friends.

Also like today's post on depression. I join you in praising Jesus for the life He has given you- both joys and struggles