Real Weekend Fashion

Let's just be real here... I mean, Saturday's? Saturday's are lazy days. No questions asked. Comfy clothes are necessary, doing my hair isn't listed anywhere on the agenda, and something about running around barefoot is an absolute must.

I'm working til 1 today, then I'm off to Old Navy to snatch some last minute jewelry for my senior pictures! I'm looking forward to embracing the second day hair with yet another headband, spending one-on-one time with the clients I work with, and getting a chance to catch up with my family later!

That's why this day calls for REAL Weekend Fashion complete with a brand new headband from the ever adorable Regan. I fell in love with her shop ReganEdesigns in a heartbeat - her headbands are well made, easy to wear, and comfortable. Plus, we all know I'm all about the second day hair and I'm always looking for ways to cover it up. ;)

Headband // ReganEdesigns
Top // Old Navy
Bracelet // Molly Suzannes
Jeans // Kohl's

Glad I found yet another saving grace to add to my collection of accessories that are easy to wear when I'm lazy, lazy, lazy. Just keepin' it real here. ;)

Rock the second day hair and kick off your shoes, peeps. Happy weekend!



You are such a doll! I'm totally loving the baseball tee and that headband is just TOO cute!


Super cute and casual outfit! I lovvvve it and that headband :)


LOVE those jeans!