Memorial Weekend Shenany's

I have to go to school today. PUKE. Only 4 days left though, and then I get to taste summer again... Praise the good Lord above!

My weekend technically started on Friday, but not really. I spent the entire day at a children's hospital in Minneapolis discussing what's next for the treatment of Arthur. (I've given my arthritis a name... Yes indeedy.) I did like what I was wearing though, so it was okay. Post on that appointment is coming all on its own. Soooo much going on.

My momma made sure to stop at a Caribou Coffee on our way home to cheer me up... She knows me well. 

I got back just in time to pick up my sweet N from his last day of school! This means I'm no longer REALLY his nanny. ;( I had the best year with him, though. Thankful for it and know that he will never leave my heart!


I went out for dinner with one of my besties Friday night, then we crashed another one of our friend's dates. It was glorious. The bestie and I then had a sleepover... So fun. We slept til nearly NOON on Saturday which was completely rockin'.

I went home, showered, and got ready since my older sis wanted to go into town for some shopping. Operation find a swimsuit, by the way? FAIL. I'm bitter about it. I cannot find ANYTHING that fits me right. Talk about annoying. At least I was having a good hair day...

Did a whole lot of nothing rewatching Grey's Anatomy seasons Saturday night...  Twas productive as always, of course. HA. Sunday morning, I went to church and helped teach our last Sunday school class. Terribly bittersweet. I'm going to miss seeing my church babies every Sunday!

And, as true Minnesotan's would, the little sis and I joined our family for camping on Sunday evening. In 45 degree weather. Surprisingly, we had a blast even though we definitely weren't getting our tan on or running around in anything less than sweatshirts and jeans!

Obviously, we all know what SuperNannyKenz's favorite part about  camping is... BABIES. And lots of em. All for me to love on all summer long!

And waking up on a Monday morning when I don't have school to these snuggles? Probably doesn't get better than that.

I can't believe the weekend is over, but at the same time I'd just like to get this week on with and over with! I solemnly swear that I will be up to NO good this weekend. And by that I mean, I can sleep when I'm dead. I just wanna spend time with my friends, sit around a campfire, and get a good tan. So.Ready.For.Summer.

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Such a fun weekend you had! :)

thelittlebluebungalow said...

LOVE your hair. it's so pretty. I'm glad you had a good weekend. They say its good to name your disease.. makes it easier.. I still haven't thought of a name for my fibro. Although because I have endo.. i named my left & right ovaries candy & cookie in college. ha. true story!