Headbands For Second Day Hair

It's no secret that I have a love for headbands... A big one. It's not to the point I love scarves, but it's a close second in all honesty.

Headbands are easy, that's what I love about them. They give you a look of good natural volume even when you have flat, Minnesota hair. SAD FACE. Plus, they keep your hair out of your face on those days where you should have washed your hair, but just didn't have time to.

When I first "met" Mary and Emma - a mother daughter duo who run their shop ItsTwisted, I fell in love. The two are so sweet, adorable, and professional. The headbands they create with one another are both fashionable and well-made.

Obviously, I picked out two polka dotted beauties. I've worn them several times since and am even wearing the black and white one today! I love how easy they are to style with just about anything in my wardrobe!

black and white headband
multicolored headband
These headbands take my second hair days to a whole new level and I'm loving it!



They are so cute! And YOU are so cute! :)


The one you have on is really pretty! You need an Anchor one! xo :) Happy Sunday


You are so cute!!


Those are SO so cute!


I'm a huge fan of headbands--anytime my hair is just not cooperating or it's getting way too huge--I slap a headband on and it calms down! :P


oh boy. i may need to check these out!
i foresee A LOT of second day hair in my future. and third day. probably even fourth day. yikes!!


just stop being so doggone adorable!! :)


thelittlebluebungalow said...

I just got a hand band today.. for me it was all about needs to be wide and cotton because those thin little things don't fit my odd shape head. I got one at kmart on clearance for $1 . oh gosh its so comfy. And yes its 2nd day hair :)