I'm A Real Girl

Some mornings, I wake up and I just can't. Do you know what I mean, lady friends? I just can't be anything but real. Natural.

I can't put on make-up.
I can't get my hair just right.
I can't decide what to wear.
I just can't.

Some of those mornings, more often that not, I throw on my favorite pair of leggings, a long tank, and leave my hair natural. I don't put a drop of makeup on my face. And? Occasionally, doing those things makes me feel like less of a lady. There are times I feel like a total failure just because I poked myself in the eye with my mascara wand or my hair refuses straighten.

That's sad, isn't it? It's sad that my natural beauty makes me wants to curl up in a ball and cry because I don't look like the girl on the front cover of that month's issue of Vogue. It's pathetic. It's absurd. And I'm the only one to blame.

There will always, always, always be outside influences that make me feel inferior or "not up to par," but the only person who has the ultimate, final say in whether or not I'm going to embrace the person that I am - unruly hair, mascara-less eyelashes, and all - is ME.

There's something so beautiful that God has given us all in that truth.

He's not concerned about the breakout I'm currently in the midst of.
He's not concerned about whether or not I get through my makeup routine.
He's not concerned about the fact that I chose to be lazy and wear leggings.

He's only concerned about what kind of attitude I go about doing those things is like.

Headband // Three Bird Nest

I believe if I do them with the confidence He's graciously given me, only good things are going to come of it. I'm a real girl, far from perfect. I'm fearfully, wonderfully, and perfectly made by a God who already thinks the world of me.

...And nothing is going to change that.



You are beautiful though specially makeup less!!!! Love this post!!


You definitely look gorgeous without makeup on... but I feel you on this post. I totally feel less girly when I don't have makeup on and feel like I look like less of a human being which is totally ridiculous, but it happens.

How did we let ourselves get to this point where as strong females we don't seem to be as confident in ourselves without makeup, straight hair, etc.?!


You look just fine without make up on! But I know what you mean. I always start out thinking, I'm gonna let my skin breathe and I'm not gonna worry about what people think today. Then I see another girl who's all made up and feel like I should have put a little more effort into it.


Love this! We all have these days!! It's sad that we don't feel as pretty in our own natural skin as we should, but it just takes work and getting used to I guess.


This post makes me smile! You are beautiful inside and out!


You are beautiful without makeup on! And it is all such a joke what pressure we put ourselves under because of what we see on TV and in magazines. 3 hours or more of hair and makeup, plus hours upon hours of touch ups in Photoshop. I'm not saying some of these girls aren't naturally gorgeous, but there is such an unrealistic view out there!

So good for you, you are beautiful! :) And I love that headband!


I'm 100% pro-natural beauty. Being in beauty school and seeing so many young girls afraid to be seen without their face and hair done...and limited by that, has really shown be that I want to live as a good example of someone who's really comfortable in their own skin! And that doesn't mean I don't like my lipstick, too. But I'm still me without it.


Love it girl...embrace the natural beauty....those are some of the best days :)


You know the saying, happy girls are the prettiest? I think that is so true. You have a beautiful smile. :)

Style of One's Own


This is such a poignant post! You look darling in all of your natural glory! Thank you for this sweet reminder. :) New follower!


You are gorgeous--inside and out! You are sparkling with confidence, courage and love for the Lord. Thank you so much for this encouraging post. I sometimes feel the same way about being lazy with makeup, an outfit, etc. What you said about why we feel less beautiful with our natural beauty stood out to me. It is crazy that's how it is most of the time! I love knowing that there are other girls and bloggers out there who are willing to realize this and talk about it.

xo, gina


Embrace your youth and your natural beauty! You are gorgeous and that smile you have is inviting that you don't need makeup!

But a lot of days I can't either. I really do think its from the pain. I wear my sweatpants & hoodie and call it a day! <3