Surrendering To Intentionality

After attending Bloggy Boot Camp {my first blog conference} this past weekend, my heart is full and my mind is overwhelmed. With knowledge. With passion. With gratefulness.

I learned a lot about pageviews, social media, and vlogging. I learned how to grow my blog. I learned exactly what I wanted to going into the weekend... And yet, it didn't seem like enough to me. I didn't feel full.

I don't want you as readers to get the wrong idea of Bloggy Boot Camp. I don't want anyone thinking I'm not grateful for every session I had the opportunity to attend. I don't want anyone thinking I didn't learn in the other FABULOUS sessions. I just want to share what struck my heart chords the hardest.

When we broke apart the large group for a session, the choices were to attend a writer's workshop or a session on making money through blogging. Sensing that feeling of discontentment, I knew I needed to choose the writer's workshop.

Only a handful of women chose that session led by Heather and Vikki along with me, but it was just what my heart needed in every way, shape, and form. I teared up at points in the session because I finally identified with and surrendered to the struggles I saw within my writing. I realized that my inner critic is one nasty individual. I learned just how big my passion for this whole writing thing really is.

I realized that my writing around here isn't always 100% me and honest. When I started blogging, I cried writing my posts. It was therapeutic for me. I realized that lately, I've been getting frustrated emotional instead of therapeutic emotional with my writing. That didn't sit well with me. It's not what I want.

There is going to be an outrageous amount of change around here. My sponsorships are going to become more social media based. My posting is going to become more intentional. My photography is going to become more of a hobby. My heart is going to be a lot happier.

I hope you'll join me.



I'm excited for your changes! :)


I'm so excited to see the changes!


Just reading this makes MY heart happy! Absolutely THRILLED that you are following your intuition and coming back home to who you are.

In the blogging community, it can feel like there's so much pressure/ focus on making money through your blog... but really when it comes down to it, it's what you can GIVE to your readers that's most important. Writing is definitely a craft that needs to be honed, and it's clear that's the direction you need to go in xx


AW! Love what you said in the last paragraph!!


We'll be happy to support your changes - there's no point in blogging if your heart's not there. Money should never the reason for a blog, it should be a happy side effect of connecting with so many people like you do!

We'll be right there with you, Kenz.


Excited for this! Love your new blog layout, by the way.


I love this! I often get frustrated while writing and have to remind myself that the point of this blog wasn't to entertain others, but to satisfy my need to write and express myself. I can't wait to read more of your writing now that you're inspired.


i love this!! i'm so glad you found what makes you happy and are striving towards that, amazing!


LOOVE your redesign! Sorry if I'm late on noticing that?

But so excited for this new season of yours. You have the most beautiful heart, and I'm excited to hear more from it!


It's totally awesome . Blogging is a hobby , just celebrate it all the way.
PS : I am totally with you in it.


I'm so glad Bloggy Boot Camp was helpful! I'm curious--what did you learn about vlogging?

I feel like a lot of us struggle with making our writing authentic and true to ourselves. It's hard to be intentional with our blogs because a lot of times we get so worried about numbers--numbers of posts, etc. I think that's what I'm struggling with: keeping my blog updated vs. quality content that's true, intentional and me.

So glad that you learned a lot and that your heart will be happier! This is making me look at my blog in a new way!

Have an awesome day, Kenzie!

xo, gina


get it! so excited for you. love reading your blog! :)


I love how honest and pure your blog is!
Our Fairy Tale


I love this Kenzie!! As long as you will write, I will read. I've never left your blog and felt anything other than inspiration and happy and wishing that I lived closer to you so that we could be IRL friends!!

alittlehopex said...

I didn't have a bloggy boot camp. I am not even sure there is one close to me at all. But I did the same thing - i started a new blog and my posts have more of a purpose now.
However, I don't write every day.

I'm glad you are finding your way back why you started blogging. I will always follow.

You are an inspiration to me!