Stitch Fix Review Numero Dos

Back in August, I scheduled my first Stitch Fix and knew I was ready for more immediately. I scheduled my next fix to arrive on the very first day of class, but because of Labor day, shipping got a little funky and it arrived a few days late. Nonetheless, it made my week and did NOT disappoint!

I didn't understand how the whole thing worked at first, but now that I get "fixed" regularly  I feel like I'm a pro! Basically, you sign up, fill out your style profile, and schedule your first fix for a flat rate of $20. Your stylist picks out things she thinks you'd totally ROCK and it arrives at your doorstep when you want it to. From there, you try everything on and decide what you'd like to keep. You login to your account on their website, choose the things you wish to purchase, and send the rest of the items back in a prepaid shipping envelope they send along. The best part? The $20 flat rate you originally paid can be put towards whatever you purchase!

This month, I asked my stylist Jackie to give me pieces that screamed FALL. I wanted dark, neturals that would look great with denim and boots. She hit the nail on the head as my stylists always do!

1.) Lace Detail Top ($48)

When I pulled this item out of the box, I thought it would be my favorite for sure. After trying it on, though, I didn't like how short it was in front. If it'd been a little longer, I definitely would have kept it because it looked fabulous with my favorite mustard skinny jeans! Uh, hello fall!

2.) Elephant Print Top ($48)

All I could think about when I first saw this top is how many pairs of colored skinnies I could wear with it. I wasn't 100% sold on the elephant print, but it grew on me after falling in love with the style. I would have kept this one if it wasn't so baggy. I like my tops flowy, but this one was just a little too much! Again, does this top not scream fall?!

3.) Neutral Statement Necklace ($38)

Everything about this necklace is beyond perfection. The neutral colors, pop of bling, and chain links make it the perfect addition for fall, but I cannot fathom paying $38 for a necklace, even with my credit. I'd be willing to bet 95% of my jewelry at home is from Forever 21 or Target clearance... It's one of those things I just can't stomach spending a chunk of change on! Still love this piece though! Just isn't for me. :)

4.) Basic Blue Cardigan ($38)

I'm a cardigan junkie and actually have one nearly identical to this color, so it wasn't a necessity to purchase this one, too. It was incredibly soft, though, and I was almost sold... Until I tried on the next item!

5.) Owl Print Belted Shirt Dress ($48)

Truthfully, when I saw this in the box I said, "NO. No, no, no." I liked the owl print, but the style didn't look flattering and the sleeves looked bulky. I tried it on last for a reason... And then I fell in love with it! HA! The colors are perfect for fall and I'm actually wearing it today with a pair of boots! I love that Jackie sent me this dress because it's totally not something I'd pick out for myself. Ever. But I went out on a whim, tried it on, and ended up keeping it! You win, Stitch Fix!

I think I'm going to schedule another fix in the next couple of weeks so I can keep accumulating fall pieces! My stylists are drop dead awesome and I know they won't disappoint!

What would you have kept?!

If you decide to sign up, click right here! Help a girl out and get her a credit for referrals! Pretty please with a cherry on top... :)



That owl dress is my favorite! I'm sure it looks adorable with boots.


I think you made the right choice! :)
I really don't like those crop top shirts (but I have mom belly anyway). They all just hit at awkward spots and drive me nuts.


If it were me, I would have kept that elephant top, love how flowy it is!

Dress looks great on you!


I just heard about this last week! Sounds fun :) LOVE that statement necklace and dress!


I would have wanted to keep the blue/lace top but like you probably would have sent it back because of the shortness. I love the hi/lo look but this mom of 3 likes her belly to be completely covered.


I love stitch fixes! I can't get one regularly, but I plan to get one every so often! Great post, and I LOVE that dress :D

xoxo, Lizzy


I don't know what I like better...the owl dress or the elephant top. And? I'd NEVER pay that much for a necklace either. :)


So cute! I love everything!


My 3rd Fix is scheduled for the week of the 18th! I cannot WAIT. I love seeing others' fixes.


I love the elephant dress! I had to post pone my stitch fix until October. But it does sound like you're enjoying it. And thanks for including the prices!


Oh that dress IS amazing on you! So cute!

I want to do Stitch Fix so badly, but I feel like their prices are a bit steep for my cheap self, ha. Maybe someday!


never heard of this but it sounds cool! So do you just pay 20 or once you decide what you want to keep you pay the difference too?


oh man i need that owl dress! I love all the prints you got! you are right, they scream FALL!


LOVE the owl print dress. Looks good on you, too!


Ahhh I got the elephant top too!! I LOVED it, but it was too big for me too. If it had been a smaller size, I would've kept it for sure. So cute!