Kiddy Cocktails, One Direction, & Meeting My Blog Bestie

This weekend, it was brought to my attention that I tend to get a little obsessive over certain things.

Now, I'm not sayin' I'm a crazy stalker who obsesses over people/things so much that my whole life revolves around it, I'm just sayin' I have a serious, undeniable love for a few things and no matter how much of them I get, I can never seem to have my fill.

Exhibit A) Kiddy cocktails.

Remember that wedding I went to this weekend? Yeah, me too. I also remember the 8 kiddy cocktails and the 4 bathroom breaks before dinner was over. Hallelujah for cherry grenadine + sprite, I guess. Clearly a problem that I love having.

Next, you ask?

Exhibit B) One Direction

The only blonde, Irish boy to be specific. Yeah, that? THAT is a problem undeniable love. I'm convinced t's only a matter of time until he decides to love me back.

Speaking of One Direction... Their fine assets will be located on my stomping grounds here in Minneapolis this Thursday. 

Who has tickets to the concert with her best friend? This girl.
Who's dancing around for the rest of the week? This girl.

Yes, this picture was actually taken at the gym while One Direction was on the radio. NO SHAME.
I'm tweaking out about the concert. A lot. I already know I will be THAT girl... Crying happy tears because of my overwhelming joy and love for those 5 accented boys. Let this conversation with my homegirl speak for itself...

Whatcha gonna do about it, eh? We can't help what we love!

It's finally Monday! I'm blaring One Direction AND I'm off to meet + hug + hang out with my blog bestie for the whole day. Can't get a whole lot better than that. :)



jealous jealous jealous.

the ONLY reason I am allowing this nonsense to continue is because if you MUST have Niall, at least you could introduce me to Harry. my new line is: Harry Styles, find Jesus, then find me. :)


i am SO JEALOUS that you're going to the 1D concert!!!
And he's my favorite too! so sweet! :)


WHAT! So awesome you have tickets to One Direction! :)


Chelsea from Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles


haha, a classmate of mine went to a concert of theirs last week--I'm pretty sure she was at least as excited as you are!


kiddie cocktails/shirley temples are SO good! and i love your dress choice for the wedding!


My best friend and I are also going to the One Direction concert on Thursday!! haha! SO. EXCITED.


This post cracked me up :D Hope you have an amazing time hanging out with Chelsea!!!!


I love kiddie cocktails!